About Revision Brewing Company

Revision Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in Sparks, Nevada. Jeremy Warren and the first brewer that he hired at Knee Deep Brewing Company, Jeb Taylor, are combining their passion for brewing great, fresh beer at Revision Brewing Company. Warren and Taylor are best known for winning first place at the Bistro 12th Annual Double IPA Festival, where Knee Deep’s Hoptologist beat out Russian River’s Pliny the Elder.

Fans can definitely expect the duo to deliver the hop bombs that they are best known for. However, one can also expect style variety at Revision Brewing Company. Warren and Taylor are combining their expertise to produce delicious, non-hoppy seasonals, barrel-aged and sour offerings.

The Backstory

Revision Brewing Company was formed when Jeremy Warren, founder and former Brewmaster of Knee Deep Brewing Company, chose to pursue a new avenue of creativity and excellence in craft beer. In 2009, Jeremy was given a homebrewing kit and began brewing beer out of his garage in Reno, Nevada. After a few competitions, he began entering his homebrews under the name Knee Deep Brewing Company.

In 2010, Jeremy Warren decided to pursue a career in professional brewing and partnered with an investor who could help take him to a commercial level. Together, they moved Knee Deep Brewing Company to Lincoln, California where Jeremy began brewing out of the old Beermann’s Brewery.

He was good… like really good. Beer fans deemed him “The Pliny Killer” after placing first over Pliny the Elder at the Bistro 12th Annual Double IPA Festival. With beautiful aromas that were quaffable from the other side of the bar when poured, Russian River’s Pliny the Elder was the beer that inspired Jeremy when making his quality hop forward IPAs. Therefore, one can imagine that this was just about the most flattering nickname that he could come by. The brewery quickly outgrew the Lincoln location and had to expand to a larger facility in Auburn, California.

Jeremy saw Knee Deep’s growth from a startup in his garage to a national production facility, however, he wasn’t able to pursue the diverse beer portfolio that he had originally set out to brew when he first founded Knee Deep Brewing Company. In July of 2015, Jeremy decided to part ways from Knee Deep Brewing to start Revision Brewing Company, where he could carry out his original vision.  The Revision Brewery and Taproom officially opened on March 23rd, 2017.

“Great Beer Brings Great People Together.”

Revision Brewing was founded on the principal of having an evolutionary spirit.  Add to this our respect for craft beer and the result is the quality you get with a Revision Brewing Company beer.

“Respect craft beer” refers to a genuine appreciation for all aspects of the craft beer culture:  passion, process, ingredients, people, and of course the beer itself.

Definition of Revision | Merriam-Webster

: a change or a set of changes that corrects or improves something
: a new version of something
: something (such as a piece of writing or a song) that has been corrected or changed