108, 2016

Revision Brewing Company Beers to Be Enjoyed in Humboldt & Del Norte; Brewery Pens Agreement with Humboldt Beer Distributors to Bring Their Beers to the California North Coast

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RENO, NV. (July 31, 2016) – Most known for their panoramic coastline and ancient redwood forests, Humboldt and Del Norte counties are the most recent addition to Revision Brewing Company’s list of distributor territories. Revision Brewing Company and   Humboldt Beer Distributors have partnered together to bring the Revision brand to the California North Coast.

According to the 2010 United States Census, Humboldt & Del Norte counties have a combined population of approximately 163,000. Revision Brewing Company is sure that their unique beers will be well received by the craft-centric beer consumers in this northern coastal region of California.  Revision will begin selling their beers through Humboldt Beer Distributors almost immediately after they begin production out of their brewery in Sparks, Nevada. With no foreseen hang-ups, the brewery is slated for opening in December 2016.

Humboldt Beer Distributors based in Eureka, CA has been locally owned and operated since 1973. They distribute a wide variety of beers and non-alcohol beverages as well as South Fork Mountain Spring Water. When asked about the Revision Brands, General Manager Scott Cooper said, “We are excited to have the opportunity to be working with the folks at Revision Brewing Company and can’t wait to bring their beers to this market.”


2707, 2016


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SPARKS, NV. (July 16, 2016) – Originally planned for California, Revision Brewing Company will now begin their brewery build-out in Sparks, NV. With a building lease signed and the brewhouse on the way, Revision Brewing Company has redirected their focus on the best avenues to get quality craft beer to craft consumers. Without a doubt, Craft Beer Guild Los Angeles is just that, a perfect partnership for distribution.

Craft Beer Guild Los Angeles (C.B.G.L.A.)  is a well-established distribution house that has an incredible track record, backed by their parent company’s network of successful distribution houses across the nation. Revision Brewing is elated to join forces with C.B.G.L.A. for distribution in the most highly populated territory in the State of California.

Revision’s CEO/Brewmaster, Jeremy Warren was the founder and former Brewmaster of Knee Deep Brewing Company in Auburn, CA. He parted ways from his business partner/investor in July of 2015 to start Revision Brewing Company. Revision is founded on the principal of having an evolutionary spirit and emphasizes the importance of “Respect[ing] craft beer.” This refers to a genuine appreciation for all aspects of the craft beer culture: passion, process, ingredients, people, and of course the beer itself.

Jeremy Warren and his first brewer from Knee Deep Brewing Company, Jeb Taylor, are combining their passion for brewing great, fresh beer at Revision Brewing Company. Warren and Taylor are best known for winning first place at the Bistro 12th Annual Double IPA Festival, where Knee Deep’s Hoptologist beat out Russian River’s Pliny the Elder.

Fans can definitely expect the duo to deliver the hop bombs that they are best known for, however, one can also expect style variety at Revision Brewing Company. Warren and Taylor are combining their expertise to produce delicious, non-hoppy seasonals, barrel-aged and sour offerings.

Distribution across California and Nevada will begin at the time of the brewery’s opening and Craft Beer Guild Los Angeles will be monumental in Southern California. So, for those who are excited to indulge in new beers by Brewmaster Jeremy Warren, the wait is almost over.

606, 2016


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West Sacramento, CA / Sparks, NV (June 6, 2016) –Revision Brewing Company has been looking for a building in the Greater Sacramento Area since September, 2015. Two months ago the company announced that they had “finally found a home,” in West Sacramento at 1000 Riverside Parkway. After extensive lease negotiations, the lease was deemed un-agreeable on June 1. Although Revision can’t release the specific details, the lease terms were so stringent and unrealistic that the likelihood of violating the lease was seen as too high of a risk.

“Our dedication is to make great beer available to our fans and when a location falls through that timeline gets pushed further out; therefore, we have decided to expand our search,” said Revision Brewing Company CEO/Brewmaster Jeremy Warren. This decision is far from impromptu. Revision Brewing Company has physically walked through over thirty buildings from Auburn to West Sacramento and that’s after filtering through hundreds of properties to see which met the specific needs of the brewery.

“We have come to a crossroads where we have to acknowledge that the options available that meet our specifications have been exhausted in the area. This is a hard reality for us to accept. We love the area, and our community and there has been a great deal of support behind us. We have so many incredible fans in the Sacramento Area,” said Warren.

It is extremely apparent that The City of West Sacramento wanted Revision Brewing Company to be part of the community as much as the brewery did. Revision Brewing Company really appreciated all that The City of West Sacramento did to try to help things along and Revision can’t speak highly enough about the experience with the city itself. The brewery wants to maintain their loyalty to their Sacramento fans; therefore, Sacramento will likely be the first of the satellite locations. They view this as a highly attainable objective. The building needs for a satellite location are minimal in comparison to that of a larger production facility with a taproom.

As part of the search expansion Revision Brewing Company has started to view buildings in Northern Nevada and is currently considering a building in the Reno/ Sparks area. The possible location is two hours from Sacramento.  All but one of the founders have roots in Reno, Nevada and this is where Jeremy Warren, Revision Brewing Company’s CEO and Brewmaster originally started his former brewing company, Knee Deep (now located in Auburn, CA). Additionally, Jeremy Warren and Vice President, Darla Roberts are both University of Nevada, Reno alumni.
“This building under consideration is over 50% percent larger and offers a more efficient layout than the previous West Sacramento location that fell through. It can support the original production goals and it still leaves room. Even more so the building owner seems to have a genuine partnership mentality. Warren emphasized, “We love Sacramento and all of the founders reside in the area, but the location change has been necessitated by our commitment to brew world class beer for our fans as soon as possible and to position Revision Brewing Company for long term success.”