The Right Slice


Alc/Vol: 12%  |  IBU: 44

Enticing aromas of this liquid blueberrypie with an island twist waft through the kitchen window. Tons of blueberry and toasted coconut burst out of the glass alongside notes of chocolate, cinnamonand vanilla. You’ll find yourself wanting a generous slice of this imperial stout.

Hello people of Revision Brewing! Needed to get something off my chest—

Earlier today I went to my local bottle shop looking for a stout to enjoy after an early morning shift… call it my second cup o’ joe!
Usually , I would lean towards the Bruery Pastry Stouts such as Boysenberry Pie , Oatmal Raisin… all that fun stuff . Me being the insatiable fellow I am , I wanted to look for something different. That’s when I came across “The Right Slice”. But before I tell you what I thought of it , let me tell you why I got excited when I saw it was made by Revision.

Maybe four or five years ago , I was 22-23 JUST starting to get into the craftsmanship of the beer making process . You’ve probably guess already but during this time I was REALLY into India Pale Ales…didn’t matter which kind. A West Coast Dank Bomb… A Glass of Juice from the East Coast & everything in between. It’s during this time I discovered this new brewery in Sparks , NV & I BELIEVE (don’t quote me on this…) I saw your Disco Ninja on tap at this placed called Brix & Hops in my local taproom…safe to say I was very pleased & eventually travelled to the Reno area to visit the brewery! No disco ball has brought a smile to my face like the one in your brewery… anyways , back to the point.

I might’ve been enjoying myself a little too much during that visit but “The Right Slice” didn’t catch my eye during that visit. Even in the years between then & now…but now? This might be my favorite Pastry Stout. The CLEAR taste of blueberry complimented by the taste of (don’t judge my palate lol) toffee  , cinnamon & something else I can’t identify…might be that coconut or vanilla…whatever it is , it’s incredible.

I truly apologize if this is just another “alcohol induced” email to sift through but I truly meant well by it… just wanted to share my thanks & say cheers to y’all! Hope to visit the brewery again in the near future but if not , least im left with the Right Slice for now!

Thanks a bunches , y’all rock. Happy holidays from Central Valley California!